Volume Program [RFC]

Volume Program Proposal


We want to incentivize teams that have built or want to build on top of our protocol to stay and help us grow the ecosystem from a trading value perspective.


We propose to introduce a fee rebate program for whitelisted partners. This fee rebate is then paid out from our Ecosystem Rewards, the 21M unlocked tokens, with the following criteria:

  • Whitelisted projects only
  • Rebate of 30% transaction fees, paid in $PERP, calculated monthly with the time-weighted average price (TWAP)
  • All trades require to have a referral code attached on-chain

We plan on running this as a 3 month trial with a cap of 1m USD p/m (~120K PERP as of writing). This cap can be increased at the discretion of the team.

Exclusions: Program participants are not eligible to apply to other incentive programs (Grants Program and Ecosystem Fund are the only exceptions)