Proposal to launch 5 new markets

Proposal to launch 5 new markets

I propose the following markets are launched:



I have grouped together five markets in this proposal for the sake of efficiency. Each of these projects is well known and I do not think there will be a need to discuss them individually.

BNB and FTT are exchange tokens.
SOL and AVAX are L1s.
DOGE is a popular meme coin.

Key Metrics

Among these projects, AVAX has the smallest circulating market cap at $4 billion and FTT has the smallest trading volume at around $300 million a day.

With $80 billion, BNB has the largest circulating market cap in the batch and DOGE currently has the highest trading volume at $7 Billion a day.

Other Metrics

AVAX has the lowest derivatives trading volume but still does $200 million on Binance and $70 million on FTX.

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BNB and SOL is goooood!!!

Vote is now up here: Snapshot