Proposal to launch ZIL


Zilliqa is a scalable and secure smart contract platform built on a sharded architecture. It’s key area of focus is to enable the creator’s economy (NFTs and social tokens).

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We will be conducting a joint marketing campaign as @tongnk suggested, so Perpetual can tap into our social network (~250k members). The structure can be similar to how CREAM<>PERP works. Sample format as shown below:

$20k total prizes. $1k ea. 20 winners.

To qualify:
- Trade $ZIL on (5k USDC vol = 1 tix)
- Stake $ZIL on (10k ZIL staked = 1 tix)
*Max 20 tix per person

- Register participants' wallets (Ethereum and Zilliqa) on Google form as they are diff formats due to diff chains.
- After lottery ends, we will disperse the two tokens on both chain to the participants' registered addresses.

Snapshot vote is live: Snapshot