Retroactive OP airdrop for Perp v2 users


Distribute 10% of received OP tokens (900ths) among Perp v2 early liquidity providers and traders as an airdrop, specifically:

  • Retain current OP distribution proposal by Perpetual team but decrease overall budget from 9mln to 8.1mln to unlock 900ths OP to airdrop to its early users.

  • 5% (450ths) to distribute among liquidity providers in proportion to the share of total fees earned by liquidity providers.

  • 5% (450ths) to distribute among traders in proportion to the share of total fees spent by traders.

  • Snapshot to be taken on June 1st 2022

Perp v2 has been qualified as a Tier 1 protocol on Optimism thanks to a significant number of historical daily transactions executed by Perp v2 users- 20ths+ tx/day a day. Tier 1 status gives Perpetual protocol 9mln OP tokens to distribute among its users/builders.

The current distribution proposal presented by the team is available here - [GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Perpetual Protocol - Governance Fund: Phase 0 - Optimism Collective

Perp v2 Tier 1 status is a result of the activity of its early users both traders and liquidity providers.

To recognize traders/liquidity providers’ input in overall Perpetual success and to pay a tribute to early v2 users for the maximum possible amount of OP received by Perp v2 I hereby propose to airdrop 10% of OP received to its early users.

Please state your support in comments or feel free to criticize.

I notice some people do support this proposal, thinking either it’s already accepted or voting already started. To get voting started we need to show some meaningful support in comments. Please if you find this proposal interesting comment!

I agree with this proposal, users should be OP airdrop

Are there any good examples of an airdrop giving long term user aquisition? If we are dropping to LPs and traders, I think it’s better to go with the plan and reward people who keep using Perp, rather than just dropping the tokens to users who may or may not be sticking around, and may just be sock puppets anyway? That’s my 2 gwei.

I agree with you that there’s no direct mechanics in retroactive airdrop guaranteeing users lock-up to a platform. By definition of retro airdrop…

Nevertheless, I think it became a generally accepted approach to keep early users loyal and as a result, it’s widely expected by Perp users.

On top of it as stated earlier there was a direct input by users of Perp v2 in getting a 9mln reward from Optimism. Without early users, no such reward would have been given. So it’s also simply a matter of fairness.

Without early users, no such reward would have been given.

I don’t know if it would be no reward but for sure it would be a lot less, so this is pretty convincing imo.

So far OP is using like a stage 1 stage 2 airdrop scheme which seems interesting. Maybe we can do the same, like users with > x trades and > y volume between launch and May 31 will get the stage 1 airdrop, and there will be a stage 2 airdrop e.g. Sept 30 with different “unknown” thresholds. We get happy early users and hype for stage 2.