Simplified plan to maximize vePERP yield while helping v1 users

As suggested by LeeKB, here is a simplified proposal to maximize yield for vePERP holders without affecting v1 users:

Proposed solutions:
Set v1 buyback to the level anticipated by the Buyback proposal (8.75% of overflown fee income), then set all other fee income to vePERP (100% to the people!)

Option 1: Yes
Option 2: No
Option 3: Abstain


  1. 100% of fee income goes to the users (v1 users included).

  2. By fixing the amount going to v1 Buyback to 8.75% of the overflown fee, Perp can avoid future contentious discussions with v1 users whenever they want to change the DAO/vePERP ratio. This fixes the loophole such as 0% DAO can lead to 0% compensation to the v1 which goes against the spirit of the Buyback plan that was passed. It’s time for Perp to finally close the chapter of v1 once and for all.

Temperature check is now live:


Good plan, simple and speaks to the heart of both of the vePERP holders and the v1 users.

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