Food for thought: Copy trading

Hello folks,

I continue to use perp exchange for trading and as a proud token holder I see tremendous value in what is created here. Keep up the great work!

Now, there is a persistent theme in retail investing which is copy trading. For those who don´t know it, copy trading allows skillfull traders to open a “quasi hedgefund” by simply opening an account and making it available for other investors to copy. Those other investors can take a certain portion of their capital and allocate it to the traders of their choosing. The allocated capital is then split in proportion over the positions the trader has open. It´s effectively mirroring the traders portfolio pro rata.

A popular example of this in the traditional world is Etoro.
In crypto land there was a project like this called Genesis Vision (GVT) but I think they failed miserably because of several reasons.
Recently this is picking up again thanks to synthetic assets. There is a project called dHedge DAO (DHT) building such a copy trading platform on top of Synthetics.

Seeing the (current) technical superiority of perp I was thinking about gathering a team myself to build this on top of perp. But for months going forward I have too much stuff going on already so I can not pursue this right now. The bull market doesn´t go on forever though, so I´d like to put this idea out there for people to consider.

This can bring a lot of value to the perp ecosystem and is a solid startup idea for any interested entrepreneur.

Let me know what you think in general.



This is a super interesting idea. I do know it has been mentioned in Discord a couple of times so would love to see people try this out to see if there would be potential interest!

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I would like to see Perp approach Yearn Finance for a strategic partnership/trading strategy using Perp.

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