[Update] 2023 Token Listing Reboot

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In order to maximize our flexibility and ability to innovate rapidly in a highly competitive environment, starting now, we will move from the Listing DAO model to a rapid proposal & discussion method. Read on for details!


The token listing DAO which guided listings up to now has been dormant for nearly a year due to lack of funding and members and it has run it’s course and is now out of budget. It was unable to fulfil it’s original goals due to the changes in the members as well as the industry going into a bear market. We will explore setting up a token listing DAO again in the future if and when it make sense

Up to now new listings have been picked from the list previously chosen by the listing DAO. The time has come to update this process.

The Goal

We may be in a bear market but competition for DeFi perps is hotter than ever, and our choices now will determine how we stand when the next bull arrives. Therefore it is essential to do everything we can, both as a team and as a community, to grow our competitiveness, innovate and push the envelope in a timely manner.

Token listings going forward

In order to maximize flexibility and reduce time to market, going forward, a discussion format will be adopted for making listing decisions. Anyone is welcome to post a listing proposal in this forum, with the following format:

Note: The same format will be used for listing removal, which may be desirable to reduce risk to the protocol or ensure efficient use of liquidity resources. Emergency delisting will continue to be handled by the core team when required to safeguard user funds and protocol stability.

Proposal format

  • Brief arguments for listing
  • Possible additional benefits
    • Secondary products (e.g. Hot Tub vaults)
    • Marketing partnership with related projects
  • Proposed sources of liquidity
    • If committed liquidity source cannot be secured, listing may not proceed.
  • Proposals will be posted to https://gov.perp.fi/c/proposals.

Discussion outcome

  • For a listing to proceed, the discussion must establish
    • technical feasibility
    • market demand
    • liquidity source
  • If a listing is highly contentious, discussion may proceed to a DAO vote. Voting will follow the standard process.


Serving the Perp community is at the core of our mission, and your feedback is vital to our success together. Please let us know your comments and suggestions :pray:

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