[How To] Proposal Stage to Vote Stage

In order for a proposal to move from the discussion stage on this governance forum to the voting stage on Snapshot (https://vote.perp.fi/), a proposal must have been discussed here for at least 7 days and have generated meaningful discourse.

Having met these conditions, the author or author’s delegate may submit a web3 address (0x… or ENS format) to a forum mod. This address will be added to the Snapshot account, allowing the author to create a vote.

  • All proposals must first be posted for 7 days or more, and be subject to a vote lasting 7 days, before being accepted as actionable by the core team or other project stakeholders.
  • All votes are subject to a 10% quorum; any vote failing to reach quorum will not be actionable.
  • Any vote failing to reach quorum must begin again at the proposal stage if another vote is desired.
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