Better Governance Process communication for PERP DAO



I previously raised a discussion on the forum (here: Automated workflow for your Dao - :classical_building: Governance - PERP) and received feedback to make a better illustration on the use case of my product for Perp Finance community, so I decided to start this thread to make better presentation on how Perp DAO can benefit from Syncvote. If this is something interesting, I would like to take this to the Community Temperature Check.


The current governance process documentation is rather difficult to navigate for any average DAO member. I want to fix that using Syncvote (this is a product I am building) - the platform specifically designed to streamline workflows, facilitate decision-making, and ensure that every member’s input is considered.

My co-founder created a video to illustrate how the new presentation is better for Perp DAO to communicate the governance process and make it easier for admins to manage any future update of the process and help you easily comprehend the reasons behind this proposal and what lies ahead: Perp <> Syncvote Demo


As active members of our DAO, we understand the importance of reading and staying informed about various aspects of our organization. However, the extensive amount of information can sometimes be overwhelming.

It’s my belief that people often prefer a quick, concise overview of the processes, rather than having to delve into lengthy documents.

With this in mind, I propose a transformation of our current governance documents. We should aim to create a more intuitive and user-friendly workflow that provides a streamlined overview of our processes. This will not only make it easier for members to understand our DAO’s governance process but will also encourage broader participation and engagement.


I’ve already made a new presentation of PERP Governance Process and in the next step section below, I outline the actions needed for PERP DAO to adopt Syncvote.

Outcome expected

I aim to transition from this lengthy and tedious text:

To more intuitive workflows, like the picture below.

Why is the new version of Syncvote better?

  1. User visualization: Users now know exactly where to start. They only need to focus on the steps relevant to them and don’t have to worry about the next steps if they’re not relevant.
  2. Future proof: Conditions for creating a proposal and ensuring its success have been separated into distinct fields, making it convenient for future automation.

Next Step

I propose to use our redesigned workflow as the official governance process document.

Next steps will be:

  1. Replace governance process docs by Syncvote’s redesign workflow. To be specific, the governance process will be put with a hyperlink (PERP Governance Process by Syncvote) to the workflow. When community members click to this thread, it will lead them to Syncvote interface.

  2. Pin the link in Governance Guide in Start Here! channel in Discord:

  1. I will write an updated version of this post to instruct people on governance process: [Guide] – Community Governance Process - :handshake: Start Here / :books:Guides - PERP


The goal of this proposal is to improve the governance experience of the PERP’s community members. I fully respected the current governance process and did not make any change to it.

For me personally, I’ve been joining hundreds of DAOs since I start developing Syncvote and I find PERP team is one of the most active and welcoming team, that’s why I would like to do my contribution to improve PERP community.

I would also be happy to update the workflow if there’s anything mismatched or missing; or transfer the editor right for you anytime.

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Morning guys,

Do you see the proposal helpful for Perp DAO? Would love to discuss more on this topic

From my perspective, community member needs to have easier way to do governance. Thats one reason why we are trying to bring Syncvote to PerpDAO.

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Hey sorry there’s not much of an appetite for governance related activities at the moment. We will be happy to pick up the conversation in 6-12 months though!

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got it mate. Thank for letting me know.

I just want to update about our current product that could benefit DAO whenever DAO is ready.

After workflow building, Syncvote provides a chrome extension that can provide a unified front-end for any DAO member that wants to make a proposal to DAO. It acts like a central hub, no more bouncing between different platforms. Members can kick off and handle proposals, watch progress, and move through stages – all in one interface.

One of some usecases I focus on is that: whenever author wants to move a proposal to next phase, he must do manual tasks: check the results, creating new proposals with the old discussion, get the new proposal’s link and go to the old proposals to update etc.,
With Syncvote, the author will just come and see whether his proposal is qualified, and simply click to move it to next round.

I will keep on building to make the product more useful. If you got any ideas or want to update news, please do not hesitate to let me know.