Perp V1 shut down

Completely shocking! It says v1 halted and shut down. What about our funds and open positions?

Is perpetual protocol another scam?

Hi, here’s the announcement:

Perp V1 is paused and will shutdown immediately.

The team will work on proposals to handle traders’ positions and post on in the next few days.

This shutdown comes after a week of effort by the team to keep v1 running, but market conditions and the v1 design created an unsustainable situation.

The silver lining is that Perpetual Protocol v2 has continued to perform well in the same difficult market conditions. :pray:

If you have questions, please visit the v1 thread on Discord:

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I am on discord and am following perpetual protocol channel. However I don’t see any chat happening anywhere. I only see the announcement and community news and it doesn’t say much about the V1 being shutdown. I have 50,000 of USDC on per protocol V1 platform. How do I get it back? This is urgent for me and I invested all my hard earned savings.

I replied to your comments here sir :point_down: You can use the link below to see the conversation.