Please Read This before Posting Anything

This is a forum dedicated to serious discussion on the ideas and feedback that we can use to make Perpetual protocol better.

If you have general questions about the project (non-governance), please come to our Discord!

There are 3 categories of topics on the forum:

> :bulb: Proposals
This category is meant to be used to discuss something that haven’t been implemented on Strike, such as proposing a new contract to be listed on Perpetual Protocol, a totally new governance process, etc.

> :woman_teacher: General Chat
This category is meant to be used for anything else that doesn’t fall under proposals. Note that you will get faster replies in our Discord:

If your signal-to-noise ratio gets too low, you will get banned from this forum. So, please try to keep discussions information-rich. Posting on this site is accepting releasing your submitted content into the public domain (CC0).

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