Reduce staking cool down period

Proposal to Reduce staking Cooldown Period


For all Perp token holders who stake their Perp and receive rewards there is a risk involved - a cool down period. Individuals who stake will not be able to access their tokens until 14 days after they initiate an unstake action.

This is done as in the very last resort if the insurance fund runs out of funds, Perp is sold on the market to cover the losses. The locked Perp is then at risk from price movement (depending on the severity of the gap).


There is currently approx 6.8m Perp that has been staked to date. Ideally this number should increase but not reduce the risk too greatly. After discussion with several community members, we’d like to propose that the staking cool down period be reduced from 14 days to 7 days. This should incentivise more participants to stake but shouldn’t increase the risk to too significantly

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If anybody is worried that the price will fall, they should go on and hedge their risks

Hi everyone, the vote is now live here: Snapshot