Proposal: Community Support Educators


Previously, we had a Perpvangelist Funding Proposal designed as a community-driven initiative to increase awareness and adoption of the Perpetual Protocol. The program provided support, engagement, content creation, and internationalization for users and members of the community. However, due to management challenges and the broad scope of the program, we propose to start a new program that better aligns with overall project strategy.

This proposal aims to enhance Perpetual Protocol’s user support experience and user success by hiring “Community Support Educators”.


The last epoch of the Perpvangelist rewards program finished at the end of March 2023. A simplified Perpvangelist non-rewards based program will continue. You can learn more about the specifics of the restructured program in the Perpvangelist Program Overview.

Here are some of the learnings from the Perpvangelist program:

  • It is difficult to evaluate performance
  • Compensating people fairly is challenging with Coordinape
  • As the program scales, management becomes increasingly difficult
  • We need to maintain alignment between community contributions and overall project strategy


This proposal aims to enhance Perpetual Protocol’s user support experience and user success by hiring Support Educators. The program goals will be as follows.


    1. Provide exceptional support to Perpetual Protocol users
    • Provide timely and efficient support across all timezones through Discord and Mava (ticketing system)
    • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge base that is easily accessible and comprehensive.
    • Be ready to scale support when the bull market returns :ox:
    1. Foster a positive environment with education and engagement efforts
    • Increase the community’s overall knowledge of our product
      • e.g. for Hot Tub we should promote our advantages compared to other passive income strategies
    • Host educational activities & events to drive engagement and adoption
      • e.g. workshops, 1-on-1 calls, quiz games
    1. Reduce and refocus operating costs
    • Ensure budget is allocated efficiently
    • Directly hiring high performing candidates
    • Cut out-of-scope tasks and roles

We will focus on “Hot Tub” first, and update focus to align with the foundation’s goals

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  1. Average response time to user inquiries: Aim for less than 2 hours.
  2. Time to resolution for support tickets
  3. Customer satisfaction score: Aim for 4 out of 5.

We will discover more KPIs throughout the implementation.

Community Support Educators

  1. Hiring: Implement hiring process for each candidate, including screening, interviews, onboarding and training. The job description can be found here.
  2. Division of labor: Support educators and Foundation community team will work together to accomplish 24h coverage for support, with the following division of labor:
    • Support Educator:
      1. Respond to tickets and questions from the community, identify and resolve issues
      2. Escalate complex issues to appropriate managers or specialists
      3. Drive engagement in the community
    • Foundation Community Team:
      1. Assign and distribute support tickets
      2. Monitor and track ticket resolution progress
      3. Provide guidance and training to agents
      4. Handle escalated issues and customer complaints
      5. Evaluate performance with trackable KPIs, and provide feedback to support educators.
  3. Requirements:
    1. Excellent familiarity and working knowledge of how Perpetual Protocol works
    2. Superior communication, problem-solving skills, and ability to empathize with users
    3. Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner
    4. Passion for Perpetual Protocol and DeFi/crypto
    5. Ability to work collaboratively with other teams to achieve common goals
    6. Experience in user education and community engagement in a similar role is a plus
    7. Availability to work remotely and attend meetings during team business hours
    8. Fluency in English


$10,000 USD (paid in PERP) / month for 6 months starting April, 2023

  • Hire 2-6 support educators
    • Allocation:
      • $8,000 / mo for support educators
        • Compensation plans for each support educator will be predetermined based on the amount of hours they can commit to the project.
        • The predetermined compensation plan will provide an initial framework for compensation based on hours worked.
        • The compensation plan will be individualized to reflect the specific skills and experience of each support educator.
        • The predetermined compensation plan will be adjusted over time as the support educator’s experience and expertise grow.
      • $2,000 / mo budget for initiatives that contribute to KPIs
  • PERP amount to be determined monthly using TWAP of the previous 7 days of payday

Reporting & Management

Foundation community team will be implementing all the action plans and will coordinate between the support educators and the Foundation development, design, and marketing teams when needed.

Execution of payments and monitoring of program and individual support educators’ performance is handled in conjunction with support educators and the Foundation community team. Together, we track and evaluate the program’s activities and effectiveness.

Open to Feedback

We’re open to feedback from the community and any concerns will be taken into consideration in creating the final version and proceeding to a vote. Please leave your comments and suggestions below!

Proposed Voting Options

Option #1 - For
Option #2 - Against
Option #3 - Abstain


Temp check:


Official vote is live!

Quorum is 14161696.2246 PERP (10% of vePERP + circulating supply)

Query timestamp:
- Tue, 18 Apr 2023 07:59:35 GMT
- UTC timestamp: 1681804775000
- Mainnet block number: 17072248
- Mainnet timestamp: 1681804775
- Mainnet UTC: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 07:59:35 GMT
- Optimism block number: 91822323
- Optimism timestamp: 1681804777
- Optimism UTC: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 07:59:37 GMT
- Circulating Supply: 100,434,469.054
- Circulating Voting Power: 141,616,962.246
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We’re in support of this as we believe it boosts community activity and do something that is lacking across our industry which is educate.


Thank you for your support sir! We are confident this will streamline our community management and strengthen our user experience! :muscle:

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Quick update, Snapshot settings seems to have an issue and the quorum cannot be updated. Quorum will be as posted above :point_up_2:

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Instead of 7-days TWAP option I recommend to be paid in the price of last day of the month!

We use 7-day TWAP for most token payments in order to smooth out sudden changes. What if there is a sudden increase or decrease on the last day of the month?

My opinion: I can understand from the recipient’s perspective it may be better to receive the tokens according to spot price, or even directly receive stablecoins, but from the token holder’s perspective (the people voting for this proposal) there is a benefit to smoothing out sudden changes in price.

i agree the 7day TWAP is the most neutral for both sides especially with crypto market volatility

Seems to be fair for both parties!

The vote has ended but quorum was not achieved. The community team plans to see what more can be done to promote this and try a second vote in the coming weeks.