Proposal to launch sports betting markets starting with Ben Askren vs Jake Paul

Title: Proposal to launch Ben Askren vs Jake Paul Market


like FTX’s presidential race market, itd be fun to bet on the winner of the Ben Askren vs Jake Paul Fight. This would be the first non crypto market, and to many would be more assessible than any betting platform

Key Metrics

none. It would just hover between 0 to 100% to the question Does Jake Paul Win the fight?

Other Notes

I’m a shit leverage trader, and so are most people. the Sports betting market would bring in a lot more users.

Not sure how this would work on the Perpetual Protocol. You can use a prediction market like Augur for this though.

Perpetual Protocol is meant for leveraging up assets. How would you leverage up a binary outcome of a sporting event? Also, you would need an Oracle to report the outcome of the fight back on chain.

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