Token Listing DAO Q2 Proposal


The token listing DAO has now been live for over 3 months and has decided to list markets after the listing of Curve (CRV). The listing committee has paid out campaigns for Sandbox (SAND), Harmony (ONE), Near (NEAR), Flow (FLOW), Perpetual Protocol (PERP) and Polygon (MATIC) with many campaigns that have been approved via snapshot vote that have yet to be listed. However due to the market down turn, the price of the PERP token used to seed the treasury has depreciated in value to where the original $150k in marketing expenses for the year was reduced to around ~$50k when being used to pay out PERP in campaigns.


A learning we had over time was that the size of the campaign in terms of prize pool did not drastically influence the level of participation in campaigns, it would be something that we would want to further experiment with. With each of the campaigns we have run, the most successful campaigns were the layer 1 protocols that had the most participants and still have largely remained the most popular perps to trade on Perp v2. Lastly, as we move onto the next phase for the ListingDAO, the priority will be securing listings that bring the most liquidity and volume to Perp v2, rather than prioritizing listings with Campaigns.


  1. Will propose the token listing DAO to be further reimbursed to reach the proposed amount in the original proposal . The amount would be $100k in Perp. As well the imbursement for DAO members would be updated to the dollar amount in the original proposal.
  2. Hold another election cycle starting from next month to potentially elect new sub DAO members for the token listing DAO. Members of the token listing sub DAO cannot be apart of a different sub DAO.
  3. All pre-approved campaigns and listings will roll over to the new listing DAO committee.
  4. Increasing the stipend size to be a fixed dollar amount ($520) for members and ($945) for the lead. The stipends would be paid out using a 30d TWAP for the price of PERP.
  5. Having a Coordinape pool of 120 PERP that would be distributed amongst the token listing DAO monthly.


Will be using a 30d TWAP for the current price of PERP to fund the Listing DAO treasury, these additional funds will be used for doing more marketing campaigns for listings and allowing the committee to experiment with differing sizes and styles of listing campaigns.

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So this is asking for a 100K top up in total? Does this budget include point 4 + 5?

How does this piece work? Is this the original 100k or additional? Or just the mechanism to calculate how much PERP to send?

Yes for the first point and for the second it is a mechanism to calculate how much PERP to send