Token Listing DAO Q2 Nominations

Hi everyone, nominations for the Token Listing DAO Q2 have officially started. Anyone can run for a spot on the committee except for members of other sub - DAOs (however current Token Listing DAO can re-elect themselves).

When making your pitch please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Pitch
  • Ethereum wallet address
  • Twitter handle

Some more things to keep in mind for the nomination process:

  • Anyone can self-nominate.
  • Anyone can tag anyone else to self-nominate.
  • Being tagged does not obligate an individual to self-nominate.

You can announce your candidacy by replying to this proposal. Everyone that does this format above will be considered.

Nominations for candidacy will go from 30/05/22 to 06/06/22.

Token Listing DAO Q2 Proposal: Token Listing DAO Q2 Proposal
Token Listing DAO Nominations in Nov as reference for format: Token Listing DAO Nominations Nov 2021 - #3


Calvin Chu (@calchulus) @ Impossible Finance
Returning from Token Listing DAO q1

Excited to continue helping find good protocols access perpetual markets via Perpetual protocol

Impossible is a decentralized incubator, launchpad, and spot swap, so we’re well positioned to help share data and insight from the research we’re already doing in the space to help make sure that assets listed are high quality assets on PERP :slight_smile:


Hey guys, DavidBrain here!
A lot to say really, but will just keep it short. :pinched_fingers:

  • I have worked with several CEXes and DEXes and understand the intricases of token listings.

  • Been contributing to Perpetual Protocol from the inception of v1 in November 2020, around community management and Marketing.

  • Was part of the inaugural token listing DAO team and contributed in areas viz:

    • Contributed to setting up the initial structure and architecture of the current token listing DAO.
    • Researched and recommended blue chip tokens to be listed.
    • Tweet and provide updates to the community about certain listings.
    • Received community feedback and recommendations and update other members of the same.
    • Approving campaign budgets and tokens to be listed.

I am available to continue this good work and build on the standards and structure I have contributed to.



Pitch: Hi, I’m a defi enthusiast and also a aggressive trader. Jump in crypto since 2019 and deep dive in defi world. I am a Perpvangelist now and had participated many Perpetual protocol activities, including on boarding call and perpcovert. Also, I’m building community of gamefi now.

As a aggressive trader, I wish to participate in aspects such as token-listing. Having sharp eyes on trend will enrich the Perp ecosystem. Beside, I am also a writer for crypto. More information represent more chance for enriching the Perp ecosystem. I believe I will bring value and a unique perspective to the committee.

Ethereum wallet address: 0x0e775598456DEd6f5C3D123FbFc094DB0b08a4F6
Twitter handle: @moriwana1


● Token Listing DAO Member from Q1, participated in every listing snapshot and multisig approval
● Referral partner on Perpetual Protocol for over a year and have an active interest in the success of the protocol

● Professional crypto derivatives trader; previous Head of Research and Senior Trader for one of the largest crypto proprietary trading firms in the world for over 4 years, personally trading more than $20B volume during that time
● Briefly on both the Bitmex ROE% leaderboard and Binance ROE% leaderboards
● Been in BTC since 2011

● Highly aware of the current trading environment and which assets are attracting volume
● Advising a number of projects on go-to-market strategy, fundraising, marketing, BD, and economic design
● Seed investor in numerous projects and DAOs

Address: 0x479aF4D3d27a8Ac8C448AF36CCe8e0296A4FBA8a

Fenix ,

  1. Token Listing DAO Q1 contributor.
  2. An angel Investor in several DAOs including NFTs/GameFi spaces.
  3. Binance Lab batch#2 alumni.
  4. Help launched projects: ZooFrenz, Zombie Clubs, and Elysium.
  5. Working on a Perp portfolio company – Teahouse Finance, staked all PERP received and never sold any.
  6. Love to represent Perp in any poker tournament with Teahouse COO Tina !

Tata Martins

Hi to everyone!
I’m Tata Martins and I would like to bring further value to the Perp Protocol project.
To say that I am enthusiastic about crypto is an understatement, in particular for this project which far surpasses all other projects with the main object of perpetual trading.
I entered the world of cryptocurrencies in 2017 while studying Economics, Finance and Statistics. In the last 2 years I have established relationships with several people including some who work for the main CEX and DEX. I worked in an Italian VC where I had the opportunity to learn a lot and delve into some deeper aspects of this world. In the meantime, I have created communities where I spread news and we discuss about every aspect of crypto projects, and of course one of the goal is to facilitate the understanding of English texts.
One of the most cool project where I worked was Autofarm (aggregator), where I had different weeks call to decide different thing for example from deciding which pools to add to how to improve engagement.
I would be really happy to have this chance to work for Perp.

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Name: Solace

Pitch: I’m a mod/perpvangelist for Perp. I’m from the UK (GMT + 01:00) and an active trader and user of Perp V2. I understand the protocol comprehensively and would like to be considered for nomination to the Token Listing DAO.

With the help of the other sub-DAO members, I aim to build a full risk-framework during my tenure as part of the Token Listing DAO. The risk framework will borrow from elements brought forward by Aave + OpenZeppelin as part of their due diligence to analyze risk for listed collateral markets (example of DPI’s risk assessment).

Examples of risk assessment parameters for token listings could include:

  • Liquidity across centralized/decentralized exchanges
  • Aggregate volume
  • Volatility
  • Maturity (time since token deploy/initial market listing)
  • Inflation/deflation and any risks that lie therein (e.g., reflexivity spiral of Luna Classic)

There also needs to be a ‘fruitful’ relationship with LPs, as ultimately the depth for markets (and by association, volume) depends on how effectively the protocol is able to attract LPs. To incentivize LPs to market make newly listed markets, it is suggested to work closely with the content team + content Perpvangelists to provide content on utilising different LP strategies.

Wallet address: choom.eth

Twitter handle: @fiftyrevest

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Name: Shogun

Hi frens, I’m Shogun.
Have been a Token Listing DAO Member from Q1, participated in nearly all discussions and snapshots in weekly meetings.

Been contributing to Perpetual Protocol, through both raising community awareness and professional development (with open-source Dune dashboards and community based projects).

I really believe in having skin in the game, and embracing the innovation Perpetual Protocol is providing, personally have a big position of Perp and have been staking Perp for more than a year.

Have also collaborated and software engineering experiences in various DeFi protocols. Actively engage in the tech side of DeFi and crypto in general.

Have had the pleasure of connecting with brilliant individuals in Perpetual Protocol. Look forward to help support the DAO for the following quarter.


Address: 0x43d184f3D9cE27D0CB306512707c467877b0E7fD


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Returning to Token Listing dao

  • Previous Token Listing DAO Leader
  • Derivatives Trader & Solidity Developer
  • Perpetual Protocol first referral partner
  • Active investor in the DeFi/NFT/L1 markets and have a keen eye for spotting market narratives
  • Excellent network with fund managers and solidity developers which contributes to identifying emerging protocols that have a good prospect of bringing volume to perpetual protocol

Address: 0x0B610E85276de76802a721BB7ce1544E21C7a29F

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