Token Listing DAO Nominations Nov 2021

Hi everyone, nominations for the Token Listing DAO have officially kicked off! Please check out Fine-Tuning Token Listings: The Creation of The Perpetual Protocol Token Listing Sub-DAO | by Perpetual Protocol | Perpetual Protocol | Nov, 2021 | Medium for further details.

We’ll be keeping a tally in this thread for everyone who has nominated themselves


Avidan Dsouza

Pitch :
Active in Governance on Multiple Protocols (BADGER,GTC,Github,SUSHI,CRV etc)
I have taken part in the PERPFECT Game (Team $SUSHI)
And I’m extremely Bullish On PERP and Curie in specific and Decentralised Perpetuals.
I would be glad to be a Community Member and Take part in the Two main responsibilities this Responsibility holds.

yong zhou

Pitch: Since May, I have been active in the perp Chinese community and wechat, and provided suggestions. More than 5000 $perp staked over 5 months. Also active in tracerDao


Pitch I have been in crypto since 2018, and I start here as a trader. I traded on EtherDelta, RadarRelay, BitMex, Deribit, and Binance. Since 2020 I’m full time in crypto, and this year, I built a few things: Hegic.Fans - this is an IoS/Android application that allows you to track your open position on Mythic Labs - this is a studio that created HEGIC and Yearn Finance hoodies for Decentraland. I have been a PERP staking participant since Jule 2021, and since November, I have been helping users in Discord and being Perpvangelist. I know how trading mechanics work (leverage, funding, orders, etc.), and I’m reading a lot about crypto-projects.


Nominated by @T0xic_Potato

  • Passionate about Perp Protocol as seen in my activities on Discord Telegram and Twitter.
  • Being in crypto since 2016, survived Gatecoin and Cryptopia hack.
  • Worked in Bizdev and CM for several projects, notable FTX, Huobi
  • Involved in PERP community management since sept 2020.
  • Active Participant in PERP governance.
  • Active Participant in decentralized protocols Aave, Uniswap etc



Nominated by @T0xic_Potato


Nominated by @T0xic_Potato

Pitch: Fell in love with Perp in early 2021, I have contributed with the development of the Perp Community Bot on the Perp Telegram and Discord. In mid 2021, the GrantsDAO and the Perp Team, furthered my development for this project. Now has had over several thousand command calls, with a variety of features utilised for Perp Traders and Learners alike. I am eternally grateful for the team’s and community’s support throughout the development of the project, thanks! I have been in crypto since 2017, ended up working on the infrastructure side in 2020. Did not escape the Cryptopia hack, have narrowly missed a few rugpulls in DeFi. Participated in the PERPFECT Game, ranked 2nd in the Perp Team. Been an active contributor for Perp, with discussions and community support on the Discord and Telegram, also currently a member of the Perpvangelists. Also been in an active participant with bot development and governance for OlympusDAO (as well as apart of the Operations Team) and FujiDAO (the first onchain borrowing aggregator).


Nominated by @T0xic_Potato


Nominated by @T0xic_Potato


Nominated by @T0xic_Potato


Pitch : invested in several DEX and CEX Perp exchanges / protocols, staking PERP since the early days (not in the wallet listed below). No experience yet in DAO governance, but plenty of experience in organization and governance of “traditional old world” organizations and extremely excited about DAOs. Also strong quantitative skills.

  • Ethereum wallet address: 0x27abf06006816f4b90404e10fa63671cb40ee723
  • Twitter handle : @steff2902
  • Discord Nomination Link: Discord


Pitch: I am the founder and CEO of Teahouse Finance. Perpetual protocol has invested in Teahouse along with other notable VCs. We aim to drive market making for AMMs currently on UniSwap v3, and will soon launch on Perpetual Curie.

As a market maker, I wish to participate in aspects such as token-listing; providing Listing → Liquidity Provision service to new tokens and as a result, enrich the Perp ecosystem.

I have been a firm believer of Perp, and held my first AMA with the Perp team (and didn’t sell any investment from Perp thus far). This will be my first external DAO I participate in (besides my own Teahouse DAO) and I believe I will bring value and a unique perspective to the committee.

  • Ethereum wallet address:
  • Twitter handle
  • Discord Nomination Link: Discord

Calvin Chu

Pitch - helped build the listing framework at binance, currently working with many projects with the Impossible Finance launchpad and ecosystem.

  • Ethereum wallet address 0x2b47c57a4c9fc1649b43500f4c0cda6cf29be278
  • Twitter handle calchulus
  • Discord Nomination Link: Discord

would love todo this alongside the rest of the impossible team, we’re always big fans and supporters of perp ever since @yenwen | and co first came through the binance incubator many years ago haha


Pitch : Hi! I’m an engineer and crypto holder. I started building in crypto and purchase my first BTC in 2014. I’m currently the co-founder and CTO of Coinomo. I know some members of the Perpetual protocol team and love what they are building. I can’t wait to help the Perp ecosystem and learn from this journey. Here are things I have built: - Dapp Pocket, a decentralized wallet app for Dapp & DeFi, acquired by Turn Capital - Ethereum Wallet SDK, one-line code to integrate all wallets, granted by Ethereum Foundation - Hammer Finance, a yield aggregator on Balancer, granted by Balancer - Coinomo, a crypto exchange and investment platform for SEA, invested by Vertex Venture, Razor zVenture, and Spartan Group - The DeFier Newsletter with 1500 subscribers


pitch: im a degenerate and will ape new coins from time to time. I have my ear on the ground? -I love to try out new protocols /mechanics
*i currently work as a data analyst/Competitive intelligence analyst (about to retire tho)

Chris G.


  • Passionate about Perpetual Protocol being the #1 choice for people looking for a truly decentralized perpetual futures protocol (dydx is not truly decentralized even though they claim to be).
  • Fairly new to crypto with my first purchase being ETH back in January 2021.
  • Active user of Perpetual Protocol v1 on xDai.
  • Was a participant in the PERPFECT Game (Team Perp) on Arbitrum testnet.
  • Active Staker of Perp since May 2021.
  • Active Participant in decentralized protocols Aave, Abracadabra Money, Wonderland Finance, Perpetual Protocol, Beefy Finance, Yield Yak, 1inch, Opium Finance, Zapper Fi
  • Spend countless hours researching the crypto space, and am well aware of upcoming competitors to the space. For example GMX is trending up in a fast way, and Perp needs to introduce new features to stay ahead of upcoming competition (i.e. GMX will offer decentralized stables like MIM to be used as collateral in addition to USDC)
  • Spend a lot of time watching videos of Crypto Twitter participants (i.e. Trader Mayne, Crypto Cred, Don Alt, Rego, etc.) to learn how to become a better and more patient trader.




I would like to nominate myself to head the Token Listing DAO for Perpetual Protocol. I have been involved with PERP since day 1 purchasing my stack at $1 all of which is still fully staked and produced the very first research reports on the protocol which was shared by Jeremy Allaire CEO of Circle. I’m a derivatives trader and a DeFi analyst highly in-tune with the market plus a Solidity Developer. I was also the first referral for Perpetual Protocol and built up the referral traders with sizeable names from the crypto trading community. I’ve offered insights on the vAMM and layer-2 scalability solutions to the team and have been working with them since April. Based on the above I think I am an excellent fit to lead the Token Listing DAO for Perpetual Protocol and would like to nominate myself for the position.




● Skin in the game; currently staking 10,000 PERP
● Have been a referral partner on Perpetual Protocol for almost 6 months and have an active interest in the success of the protocol
● Currently building a third-party dashboard for Perp V1 & V2

● Professional crypto derivatives trader; trading for one of the largest crypto proprietary trading firms in the world for almost 4 years, personally trading more than $20B volume during that time
● Briefly on both the Bitmex ROE% leaderboard and Binance ROE% leaderboards
● Been in BTC since 2011

● Acutely aware of the current trading environment and which assets are attracting volume
● Worked strategy, marketing, BD, and tokenomics for multiple projects (all under NDA atm)
● Seed investor in numerous projects and DAOs, notable ParagonsDAO (formerly ParallelDAO) $PDT


I was nominated as a candidate by @McKenna among the group of traders and analysts he aims to lead for the DAO.
I currently manage a 8 figures book at a crypto prop fund. I first participated in the LBP and then kept building our position over the last fall, all tokens are still staked. PERP is also one of the largest holdings in my personal book.

I’m a very active defi market participant with a strong focus on fundamental analysis, so I believe I can bring a lot of experience to help with token listings. I’m looking forward to the upcoming v2, in particular uni v3 type of strategies

Admittedly I haven’t been as active as other builders, traders and members of the community but I’ve always followed very closely all the developments and I’m very excited to help and take part in the growth of Perpetual


Hey I also present my candidacy!

@Eagle - Eagle#2979

I am a BanklessDAO core contributor located in Europe. In particular, I am the coordinator of the BanklessDAO Legal Guild. I am a Legal Professional who loves crypto and finance. That’s what brought me to be interested in PERP.

I had the occasion to write an article about Curie on the BanklessDAO medium (Perpetual’s v2 “Curie”: A Nobel Prize for DeFi Applications? | by eaglelex | Bankless DAO | Oct, 2021 | Medium).

I am a PERP tokenholder, bullish on Curie V2. More flexibility and speed in the token-listing procedure may really create a complete new value-proposition.

Jesus Perez

I am the Founder of Crypto Plaza, I study computer engineering and works mostly in Finance. In Crypto since 2013 and in the rabbit hole of DeFi from the talks about the concept and how name it. Spanish Ambassador of MakerDAO and trading in AMM from the first version on Uniswap. Fan of the Virtual AMM architecture that I really think is going to overcome AMM. Helping to translate the spanish versión of Perpetual

Member of several DAOs, like Metacartel, MakerDAO, PieDAO, Stacker Ventures,… and found Crypto Plaza DAO. In the 28th position of DAO People Deep DAO - Insights for a Decentralized World

Perp token holder in the both version of the staking. Really bullish about permisionless derivatives.

I think is important to have people from different language to facilitate people that have problem with english. Spanish is the third language in Internet.

Encantado de poder participar como miembro y ayudar a entender mejor este excelente protocolo.


Pitch: I would like to nominate myself to join the Token Listing DAO for Perpetual Protocol. I’m an active DeFi trader and governance participant, joined numerous governance processes such as Yam Finance’s migration to v2, Yearn’s proposal to mint YFI and fund contributors and the treasury etc. I first got involved with PERP in the LBP last year, been using the product and trading since v1 on xDai, participated in the PERPFECT game and have held or staked all of my PERP. So far I have been rather quiet in the community, but once I saw the Token Listing Sub-DAO announcement, I knew it’s time to step up and be more active in helping PERP. I’m also in close touch with a couple of large PERP holders and together we want to contribute to PERP’s governance. Shout out to folks like McKenna and cubantobacco who have been actively evangelizing PERP to the rest of the crypto community.


Final results found here: Snapshot