April listing updates 💱

We hinted in the Token Listing Reboot update that Perpetual Protocol would be working to innovate and experiment faster in the current climate. It’s a bear market, and that means teams that are building and iterating fast will be the ones entering the next bull in pole position :muscle:


Our first experiment here is a new step in Hot Tub development. We will launch DAI/USD and USDT/USD perp markets in the coming days specifically for testing with Hot Tub. These two markets will also experiment with new parameters suitable for stablecoin markets:

tick spacing: 10

trading fee: 0.01%

(For existing markets, tick spacing is 60 and fee is 0.1%)

Because they are intended for use in Hot Tub vaults and will initially be used for testing, the markets will not be available for trading via app.perp.com right away. Watch for future announcements regarding broader availability on Discord.


We’re in support of launching Stable pools as it will bring more liquidity into the market