[WIP] Brand Name Changed: from Strike Protocol to Perpetual Protocol

We’re thinking change the protocol name from Strike to Perpetual Protocol . It’s because:

  1. We could use PERP as symbol. We think PERP is both easier to remember and understand.
  2. There are two other crypto projects named Strike as well. Just want to avoid name collision.

Strike Protocol will be operating under the new name starting next Wednesday.

Feel free to let me know your feedback.


nice, Prepetual Protocol is easier to remember but maybe not so recognizable at the beginning

I’m a big fan of the Strike name. Sounds cool and is simple to pronounce and spell. It can also be used to expand the platform to almost anything.

Perpetual is very specific. It’s like producing cars and naming the company Car Inc. According to Merrian-Webster, Perp is US slang for: “a person who commits a crime or does something wrong” so I’m not so sure about the symbol :slight_smile:

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Perpetual Protocol will make it hard to write precise documentation/content. Sometime you want to refer to a perpetual contract as a concept and other times you want to refer to the protocol. Readers will get confused.

In the documentation there is a section named “Perpetual Contract Spec”, with Expiry Date: “Perpetual”. Now add Perpetual Protocol to the mix and everyone is confused.


Thanks for the comments. We’re aware of the US slang of PERP, and also the problem of confusing. These are great concerns and we will think more about it.

I personally like Strike a lot, but because there are two other crypto projects with the same name:

I’m afraid that it not only makes our brand confusing but also causes troubles to others.


If we are ok with PERP, then let’s just go with Perp Protocol. I think it’s awesome :slight_smile:


PERP symbol would be great IMO, unique and easier to remember especially that the project is focusing on perpetual swaps :slight_smile:


I believe this name clash will create the most confusion:


My first time knowing this project. Yeah this one is confusing and actually I like the logo :laughing:.


In hindsight - great choice!

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